In 2019, the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change gathered for the 25th Annual United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid, where they stated: In other regions except the EU, there is no cross-regional and cross-national resource integration and trading platform. As a result, the cross-regional and cross-country interconnection, interaction and mutual sharing mechanism does not start and play a good role, which affects the global energy conservation and emission reduction process to a certain extent and delays the realization of the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality". In the meeting, we negotiated and decided to establish a global carbon emission rights resource integration and trading center, signed an agreement and named the institution as "Oasis Power Energy (global) Trading Center".
On June 5, 2021, in a joint statement by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Oasis Power Energy (Global) Trading Center was officially authorized to be established, with its headquarters in London, UK. Oasis Power Energy (Global) Exchange, a global non-profit non-profit organization, will be subject to policy oversight by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and market oversight by the Long Term Service and Support (LTSS) Trust Board and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), the statement said.


OPETC was quickly supported by the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the African Development Bank. Together with OPETC, OpETC will provide a comprehensive package of carbon emissions services to institutions, enterprises and individuals in UN member States. In just over a year, Oasis Power Energy (global) Trading Center has carried out nearly 3 million carbon quota resource integration and hundreds of public welfare environmental protection activities. At present, OPETC has more than 18,000 employees in different countries and regions around the world, with more than 30 branches and a cross-regional and national resource integration and trading platform, covering Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.


With the international economy going through a very steep reduction path over the next 40 years and the Oasis Power Energy (global) trading hub experiencing an unprecedented challenge, there is still a long way to go. At present, the world is in the process of transforming from industrial revolution to energy revolution, and all countries are accelerating reform and innovation. This will be a long journey of new energy reform, and the world will face huge cost, market, technology and policy challenges, trying to go beyond the energy impossible triangle (namely: low carbon, clean, sufficient supply, low cost cannot be achieved at the same time). Beyond the energy impossible triangle, we must also have a financial market that can provide large-scale, low-cost, long-term financial support. There is no doubt that banks and capital markets are still the main battlefield, but this is not enough. We also need a new type of capital market and financial market, that is, the carbon market.


Mainly responsible for publishing the latest news about Oasis Power Energy trading Center, as well as providing services related to industry trends and the latest market information.


It is mainly responsible for providing a safe and stable energy trading environment to support the development of Oasis Power Energy global trading, as well as providing technical support and investor protection services as well as transaction environment analysis, trend analysis, price analysis, investment strategy research, market monitoring and early warning services.


Responsible for monitoring and managing global energy trading compliance to ensure that all participating customers are able to trade safely and efficiently. To provide a safe and stable trading environment for all participating customers. Meanwhile, the center regularly reviews relevant laws and regulations to ensure that investors' interests are effectively protected.


Mainly responsible for providing customer service, including answering customers' technical consultation, answering questions and solving doubts, providing business consultation, guiding users to register and log in and other services. The center also provides regular feedback on customer complaints and suggestions to ensure customer satisfaction.

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OPETC mainly aims to solve the problem of carbon emission and carbon trading, connecting global citizens and enterprises. OPETC and data support for carbon neutrality and carbon emission trading between enterprises and governments, between enterprises and countries, between enterprises and enterprises, and between enterprises and individuals are used to help global ecology governance and strive to reduce global environmental pollution.


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Leading the new green era

Internet era leading green environmental protection service provider, with excellent customer satisfaction as the enterprise pursuit!


OPETC aims to ensure that the design, implementation and evaluation of carbon emission schemes have created an efficiently functioning global market.


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